QLD Paying $5,500 Per Hour For Motivation From This Bloke

This is the man Queensland has hired to help them win back the State of Origin crown.

His name is Bradley Charles Stubbs -- popularly dubbed the "coach-whisperer" -- who says his programs have turned teams struggling for success into world-beaters.

This week, Stubbs is working with Queensland State of Origin coach Kevin Walters, whose one-hour seminars cost $5,500 according to Brisbane's Courier Mail.

Legendary Queensland coach Wayne Bennett says he's never heard of Stubbs, and Queensland Rugby League chairman Bruce Hatcher and his QRL board were apparently unaware Walters had hired him.

Hatcher was also somewhat surprised to say the least when informed of the cost of Stubbs' services, and urged Walters to "watch his pennies".

"Fancy charging $5000 an hour for advice that may or may not work. I wouldn’t know surgeons who charge that and they save lives," he told The Courier Mail.

Stubbs claims on his website that "coaches that have worked with me have gone on to unprecedented success".

He claims to have worked with Wallabies coach Michael Cheika, England rugby coach Eddie Jones, and NRL premiership-winning coaches Trent Robinson and Michael Maguire.

Also on his website, Stubbs says he "developed a keen interest in sport and would have gone on to be a professional surfer were it not for a car accident" early in his life.

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The "coach-whisperer" made headlines earlier this week when he told Queensland not to use the words "New South Wales" or Blues when referring to the opposition.

Several players have since awkwardly stumbled their way through press conferences, trying not to invoke the name of the despised enemy from down south.