Cameraman Smashed By Hilariously Awful Baseball Pitch

A Chicago White Sox employee has delivered one of the most off-target and disastrous ceremonial first pitches in baseball history.

The rookie right-hander was given the honour ahead of the Royals-White Sox game in Chicago, after winning employee of the month -- but it seems she also won herself 15 seconds of fame online.

Footage shows the woman winding up and releasing the ball -- but she let it go so late that it hooked left and smashed straight into photographer Darren Georgia's lens.

The woman covered her face and jumped around, looking a little embarrassed, as the team's pitcher, Evan Marshall -- who was supposed to be the catcher -- gave her a hug.

While the employee hasn't been named, her daughter Nikki was quick to come forward to out the woman on social media.

"LITERALLY THATS MY MOM," she posted to Twitter.

Nikki even included a picture of the scuff mark on the ball.

One user joked the black mark was "the photographer's eyebrow" instead.

As for the cameraman, well, he and his equipment are okay.

"I honestly didn't see it coming," George told NBC Sports.

"I took the photo and it just hit the camera."

He even managed to get a reasonable photo of the woman just before she released the pitch.

Despite the stands being close to empty at the stadium, social media has ensured this pitch -- perhaps one of the worst in baseball history -- will live on forever.

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The timing of it was impeccable too, coming five years and one day since rapper 50 Cent etched himself into baseball folklore with his own disastrous pitch effort.

Watch it here. No seriously, watch it.