Potty-Mouthed Football Club Is Effing Bloody Glad It Won Playoff

FC Union Berlin are really happy about their latest football result.

In fact, they were so excited about beating VfB Stuttgart in a playoff to earn promotion to Germany's Bundesliga for the first time ever, they just issued an extremely colourful tweet.

We can't share it in its unadulterated state because we are a lovely family-friendly news source, but you get the idea.

We're very much assuming they mean we are "f---king up" in a positive way. As in, "we are going up a division".

The tweet could be read as if they're saying "we are screwing up". But no. They definitely don't mean that.

FC Union Berlin have been around in one form or another since 1906, but have always played in Germany's lower leagues.

Effing image: Bloody Getty.

Will their English language social media accounts change their sweary ways now they're in one of Europe's major leagues?

Time will effing tell.