Referee Thinks He's A Player, Accidentally Scores Goal During Match

One referee has forgotten his job role, scoring a goal during a bizarre game in Holland.

During a fourth-tier match in the Netherlands between Harkemase Boys and Hoek, referee Maurice Paahuis became the unlikely centre of attention -- but not in the way that match officials often do.

As the ball ping-ponged around the box, it ended up at the feet of Paahuis who accidentally kicked it into the goal for Hoek.

Ref kicks the ball into the goal. Photo: Hakemase Boys

Despite the protests of home team Harkemase Boys, the goal was counted by the ref for Hoek, with their player Kyle Doesburg given the credit.

According to the rules, the goal was completely legal because the referee is considered a 'dead object', much like a goal post.

While having a goal scored against them in that fashion was annoying, thankfully it didn't have a big impact on the game, as Harkemase went on to win 4-2 anyway.

But the Duthc official wasn't the only referee making waves during games this weekend.

Matthew Conger backs into player Renato Augusto. Photo: IMG Media

In China's Super League, Kiwi ref Matthew Conger got among the action when he collided with a player.

As Beijing Guoan's Renato Augusto was focused on the ball, Conger ran backwards into sending him sprawling on the floor clutching his jaw.

Renato Augusto wasn't too keen for the ref's help afterwards. Photo: IMG Media

Augusto was left clutching his jaw, but continued to play -- albeit slightly sore and sorry. He even made a 'yellow card' gesture at the ref for the contact.

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English football also witnessed a strange goal on Sunday, but not at the hand of a referee.

During the League One play-off final between Charlton Athletic and former Premier League stalwarts Sunderland, one goalkeeper had a brain fade he'll want to forget quickly.

When Charlton defender Mouhamadou-Naby Sarr passed the ball back to his keeper Dillon Phillips, they combined to create one of the most bizarre own goals of the year.

Phillips went to clear the ball but misjudged where it was rolling, completely missing it with his mistimed swing. He could only watch as it rolled into the net for Sunderland.

The poor goalie endured taunts from the Sunderland fans for the rest of the match, but he had the last laugh, as Charlton went on to win the match 2-1 and earn promotion to the Championship.