Selfish French Open Fan Snatches Souvenir From Child's Grasp

It's tough out there on the pro tennis circuit -- and not just for the players.

At the French Open overnight, world number 144 Oscar Otte won his first round match over Tunisian Malek Jaziri.

The German -- who only made it into the draw as a "lucky loser" after failing to qualify directly -- was feeling pretty generous afterwards, handing out towels to fans.

Less generous was a certain gentleman in blue, who really, really, REALLY wanted that thing. Kid beside him wanted it too. There was only going to be one winner.


Blue shirt guy not only snatched it from the kid's grasp, but gave one final firm tug to make sure it was his. We're told the kid later got a towel too, but still, that hardly makes the original snatch less ugly.

Otte plays Roger Federer in the second round, where a similarly brutal mismatch is expected to play out.