Folau Not Appealing But Not Accepting Rugby Australia's Decision

Israel Folau is not appealing Rugby Australia's decision to terminate his contract, but this "is no way an acceptance" of its findings.

Folau released a statement on Monday saying he didn't appeal the Rugby Australia ruling because he wouldn't be treated "fairly or lawfully".

"My decision not to commence Rugby Australia's appeal process is in no way an acceptance of the judicial panel's findings," Folau said.

"I simply do not have confidence in Rugby Australia's ability to treat me fairly or lawfully throughout this process."

Folau said he still had "a lot of rugby left" in him, and RA's decision had the potential to have a "substantial" impact on his career.

"Ultimately, I need to do what is best for my family, my teammates and the fans, so I am considering all potential avenues open to me."

Earlier, Rugby Australia sent out a very brief statement on Monday afternoon, headlined: ISRAEL FOLAU CODE OF CONDUCT MATTER FORMALLY CONCLUDES.

"The 72-hour window for Israel Folau to appeal his high-level Code of Conduct breach and sanction has expired," the statement read.

"As Folau has not notified the panel of his intention to appeal, the Code of Conduct process has now formally concluded.

"With the Code of Conduct matter complete, Folau’s employment contract will be terminated."

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So that's that. One of the most controversial and divisive episodes in Australian sport is over.

Rugby Australia argued that Folau breached the professional players' code of conduct, for his anti-gay social media posts which were directly contrary to RA's Inclusion Policy.

Folau argued he was merely conveying God's word, however rugby authorities have won and he will not play the code again in this country, or at least not under the RA banner.

What Folau does next is unclear. It is conceivable that he could play rugby overseas, especially in France.

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