Cheeky Nick Kyrgios Shows His Bum To Opponent

Today's weird Nick Kyrgios moment will crack you up -- in every sense of the word.

It happened in the Italian Open first round, in which Kyrgios beat Russian Daniil Medvedev 6-3 3-6 6-3.

At 5-2 in the final set, with the match almost in his grasp, Kyrgios aggressively attacked a Medvedev serve and charged the net. Unfortunately, his return landed right where the Russian was sure to smack it for a winner.

So Kyrgios turned and showed the Russian his backside, seemingly as though to say: "Hey mate, see if you can hit my bum".

Nick shows his sensitive side to his opponent. (Image still from ESPN footage.)

Why? Well, because he's cheeky, obviously.

And also because behaviour is a thing Kyrgios makes up as he goes along in life, rather than a set of other people's rules he diligently follows.

Anyway, the commentators thought it was pretty funny and so do we.

Kyrgios was actually in one of his very Nick Kyrgios moods from the first point of this match, which he served underarm. He won the point, too.

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Not that they were all underarm serves. World number 36 Kyrgios reeled off four aces in a row at one point. Brutal.

"Today was a lot of fun. I thought the crowd was a lot of fun. It’s very important to go out there and put on a bit of a show," Kyrgios said after the beating the world number 14.

He did that.

And then when it was all over, he hit the ball the heck out of the park. We thought that was also pretty amusing, and the man himself clearly did too.