Kangaroos Hop Onto Footy Field And Stay Until Final Bounce

There's nothing more Aussie than kangaroos and Australian rules football.

Wait, yes there is.

An Aussie rules football match invaded by kangaroos in a suburban setting with utes parked on the sideline is quite possibly the Aussiest thing that has ever happened.

And when these Skippys found a patch of grass that they liked, they weren't budgin' for anyone.

No, not even the burly seniors of the Northern Beaches Blues AFL club at Centennial Oval in Woolgoolga, on the North Coast of New South Wales.

The locals were hopping mad at the invasion of football players.

The video at the top of the story was captured by Alicia Toms, a club committee member who briefly ventured out to capture some kanga footage while she was serving pies in the canteen.

(So assuming one of the cars in the background was a Holden, we literally had the holy quartet of football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden Cars all in the one place.)

“The roos are always there at the oval," Toms told 10 daily.

"The game doesn't disturb them. When the ball comes their way, they go off towards the boundary line, then come straight back onto the field when the ball goes up the other end."

Australian rules football always faces a battle for survival on the NSW north coast, a region better known for rugby league and union.

The locals had several co-skippers.

Indeed, the Northern Beaches Blues have just re-formed after 13 years without an Aussie Rules footy team in Woolgoolga -- a coastal town of 5,000 just north of Coffs Harbour.

This was the first home game. These mischievous macropods thought it was their home game too. And that's OK. There was room enough for everyone on Centennial Oval, Wooolgoolga.

In fact there's room for plenty more. The Northern Beaches Blues are seeking players of all ages from junior to seniors in both men's and women's teams.

Join up. The unofficial town slogan for Woolgoolga is "a hard name to say, a great play to stay". Well, we suspect it's an even better place to PLAY.

As you can see, there's guaranteed action from the opening bounce, bounce, bounce...