Evicted Dad Explains 2017 Incident At ANZ Stadium

Rory Carroll, the Sydney dad who was marched out of the A-League preliminary final by police, has given his second media interview since the drama unfolded on Sunday night.

Carroll spoke exclusively to 10 daily on Monday, and explained that he was looking to check the condition of a disabled toilet, which his daughter Mia could later use, when he sought access to the grandstand and got into an argument with security.

He said that he was not, as police put it, trying to access an area with a “greater variety of beer”.

rory carroll
Sydney dad Rory Carroll at the game.

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Now Carroll has spoken to ABC 7:30 and spoken out about the incident in 2017 when he was evicted from ANZ Stadium.

“I was told to move from a position that I was standing waiting to shake a player's hand,” he explained.

“I said, ‘Look, I'm not moving’. I was there, there were kids and other people waiting, and they singled me out, and I said, ‘Look, no, I'm not moving’.

“[There were] a huge amount of police officers. It was quite absurd.”

Carroll, whose 10-year-old daughter Mia has Down Syndrome, also clarified further details about the A-League match on Sunday night.

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“My daughter… is a massive football fan. She talks about the game on the weekend, whether it's a Friday night or a Saturday night or a Sunday night, she's talking about it all week. She's buzzing,” he said.

“That's the usual bathroom that she uses. Comfort's important for a child with special needs. So, routine, familiarity -- that's what you want to make things easier for them, if it's possible. And that's all I was doing.

“I went down to the gate and I said I needed to check something. They said that I couldn't go. I just asked them to move out of my way, I was going to go and check it. In doing so, they grabbed my arm as I tried to go past them. They let go of my arm and I was OK -- I went up and checked the bathroom, came back.”

Carroll said his daughter became quite distressed as the evening played out.

“She was crying inside the stadium. I had to stop to comfort her, I had to stop to comfort her friend who was with her. They were both very, very upset.”

He also reiterated that he wasn’t drinking on the night.

“I was drinking Coca-Cola. Whether there was a greater selection of beer or not, my reason for going in there was to check the bathroom for my daughter.”