Ben Simmons Not Happy, As Philadelphia Turns Against Him

Philadelphia fans have had enough. They want more from their star Aussie.

It's the second year running the that the 76ers have crashed out in the second round of the NBA playoffs, and all sorts of people are asking all sorts of questions.

Top of their list is when Ben Simmons will learn to shoot.

It's a fair question. Simmons is a fantastic passer, an excellent defender, and drives to the basket with precision and power. But he never shoots from "beyond the paint" as they say, which means the zone beyond the free throw area.

And in the NBA today, you've simply got to have a jump shot and be able to score from long range. A stat that illustrates that? Our pleasure.

15 years ago, the top NBA team shot 8.8 three-pointers per game. The top team this year shot 16.1, while the bottom team shot 9.1. Long story short, you've simply got to be able to shoot from range.

Little wonder then that the 22-year-old Melbourne product was asked about that in the post-game press conference.

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Did he enjoy the questioning? He did not.

"To take your game forward, how much do you think taking more shots from the perimeter is important to improving your game?" one reporter asked.

"It’s very important," Simmons responded.

"How are you going to work on it?"


"Do you think in this situation, with this team, and who you are, you need more than five shots and some of them need to be from the perimeter?


And then after a pause, another "yeah".

It was the pause between the two "yeahs" that made you think it was more of an Aussie "yeah, nah" as in, it was pretty non-committal.

We'll see what he does in the off-season. Simmons says he's working on his leadership, which is better than not working on anything.

But it's very clear what fans want. Points. From the perimeter. And they want him working on how to achieve that.