Pass The Croissants, It's Our FIFA World Cup Form Guide!

Bonjour! It's June, and that means one thing. It's World Cup time.

Our attention is turning to France -- home of croissants (mmmmm!), snails (yerkh!) and decent wine (mmmmm!).

But come this weekend, we won't care about that. We'll just care about the Matildas in the FIFA World Cup.

Over the next four weeks, 24 teams will play 34 games for the chance to win the biggest prize in sport. Tournament organisers say they're well on track to beating the 1,353,506 people in Canada four years ago.

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But who's gonna actually win the thing? Here are the contenders, the pretenders and the WAIT, THESE PEOPLE ARE EVEN HERE?

Group A


Currently ranked fourth, Les Bleues have never been ranked outside the top 10 since FIFA began rankings in 2003. Despite this, international glory eludes them but a home World Cup (and watching the men's side lift the trophy last year) might do the trick.

South Korea

Scraped into the World Cup by coming fifth at last year's Asian Cup. Their number 10, Ji Soyun, who has won FA Cups with Chelsea, is a standout for this team.

Korea celebrate their only goal in a 4-1 loss to the Matildas this year. Photo: AAP


Don't let their ranking of 12 fool you. This is a side that beat reigning European Champs the Netherlands to claim top spot in their qualifying group. Tasted World Cup glory in 1995, and have appeared in all seven editions of the competition.

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Note: They will be about 2018 Ballon d'Or Féminin (best female player in the world) Ada Hegerberg as she continues her boycott of the national team in protest of the low pay of female athletes.


Are the current holder of the Africa Cup of Nations. Three-time African player-of-the-year Asisat Oshoala is the player to watch. Even if they don't hang around for long, they'll still look cooler than we ever could with the best strip in the competition.

Group B


Ranked second and have two World Cup titles under their belt. Probably felt invincible after going seven games in qualifiers without conceding a goal, but have been humbled in friendlies in recent weeks. Still on the favourites list.


Have been a pioneer of women's football in Asia and were the first Asian team to make a World Cup final in 1999. Bossing the midfield is Wang Shuang, who was last year's Asian Footballer of the Year, even if she did rob our own Sam Kerr. Nah, we're not biased.


When you think of Spain, you think of football, so it seems odd this is only the second time they've appeared at a World Cup (and they haven't made it out of the group stages yet). But they come into this tournament with momentum, having won all eight qualifying games, conceding just two goals.

South Africa

At their first World Cup. These women are a team on the rise -- they were the runners up at the Africa Cup of Nations last year. In saying that, they are ranked 49th and their tournament will probably head south quite quickly. Maybe next time.

Photo: AAP


Everyone knows just how good Sam Kerr is. An incredibly successful few years means names like Elise Kellond-Knight, Hayley Raso and Caitlin Foord have also become household. Mary Fowler, at just 16, is a superstar of the future.

We are concerned  they haven't had much game time against European opponents, which was evident in Saturday's friendly against the Netherlands, where they lost 3-0.

Can beat anyone and win the whole thing, but our world number 6-ranked Matildas must bring their very best every game.


First time in 20 years they're at a World Cup. Their goal is to just make it to the knockout stages, and part of that plan is to beat Australia when the two teams meet first up on Sunday night (stay tuned to 10 daily for our live coverage).


Were once a powerhouse, but have waned in recent years. It will probably be the last time we see Marta -- who was once the best female player on the planet -- at a World Cup, so enjoy her while you can.

Number 10, Marta, is a national hero. Photo: Getty


They're at their first World Cup, and that's about as good as it's going to get. The lowest ranked team in the competition. But watch 17-year-old Jody Brown -- with players like her, they might be much stronger next time.

Photo: AAP
Group D


English teams are notorious for choking, but there's a lot of hype around this team, and for good reason. The English are third in the world for a reason, and definitely in with a chance of lifting the trophy. Probably can't believe their luck in group opponents.


Also at their first World Cup. Love giving the opposition a head start -- four of their qualifying matches were won from a losing position.


These ladies should be proud to have even qualified. This team is so underfunded they didn't play a match between 2015 and 2018.  Most of these players have jobs to support themselves outside of football, like Lorena Benitez, who gets up at 2am every morning to run a food stall at a Buenos Aires market.


Beat Australia in the final of the Asian Cup last year, so we're not fans. Won the World Cup in 2011 and are ranked highly enough at number 7 in the world to do serious damage in this one.

It still hurts to see Japan lift the Asian Cup. Photo: AAP
Group E


Not a country you'd traditionally associate with football, but they're actually really good. A lot of that has to do with Christine Sinclair, who is at her fifth World Cup and been named Canadian player of the year 14 TIMES.


Cameroon has just 1,452 female footballers registered with its football federation so making it to a World Cup is an incredible achievement. But they don't have much game time against teams from outside of Africa and will struggle against international opposition.

New Zealand

Our Tasman neighbours have had a horror year. Half the team refused to play under the former coach because his tactics were BORING (code for defensive). The coach was sacked and Tom Sermanni was brought in to remind the Ferns they are allowed to score goals. Will be buoyed by false hope after beating Fiji 8-0 to win their fourth straight Oceania Nations Cup.


They are current European Champions and ranked eighth in the world. Convincingly beat Australia 3-0 in a friendly this week. These oranges are definitely not lemons.

So. Much. Orange. Photo: Getty
Group F

United States

Current World Cup holders, ranked first in the world and have been incredibly dominant in recent years, but age may be catching up with this team. Keep a watch on Tobin Heath and Alex Morgan who are recognised as two of the best players in the world. Still a favourite.


Had a surprising run into the semi finals of the Asian Cup (were knocked out on penalties to Australia), but then lost six matches in a row at the end of 2018, and have won just one game this year. Might as well just go visit the Eiffel Tower.

Photo: AAP


Have been getting stronger at home in South America, but their record against European teams is terrible. Haven't won against a European opponent this year (including a 7-0 thumping from the Netherlands) which could prove a problem in a World Cup.


Have won just two games this year, not great preparation heading into a World Cup. They've made it to the knockout stages in all seven Cup appearances (even making it to one final), but this looks like the year they become flatpack furniture.