Impossible Shot Sinks Ben Simmons' Season

It's not going in. Nope, no chance. Wait. Hang on...

It's in! Unbelievable!

The Toronto Raptors have beaten the Philadelphia 76ers with the last shot of the game with precisely zero point zero seconds on the clock.

Kawhi Leonard take a bow. Actually take several bows. With scores locked at 90-90, the Raptors' forward took a super high looping shot to get over the head of 76ers big man Joel Embiid.

As the ball took one, then two, then three and even possibly four bounces on the rim, Leonard actually sat down and watched.

That's Leonard in white, Embiid in red and a man who forever shall be known as "ooooh guy" in black. Image: Getty.

Yes, player had enough time to turn spectator. That's how long this ball bounced around the rim deciding what it was doing Sunday night after the game, and whether it felt like going in the hoop or not.

In the end the ball decided to go in.

"I just wanted to put it up in the air... and I got the shooter's bounce," Leonard said afterwards.

He got the lucky shooter's bounce, all right. 92-90. Game over.

For the 76ers, questions remain. Like last year, Ben Simmons ran hot and cold in this year's playoffs. Is the Aussie destined for greatness, or just very goodness with large portions of averageness in between?

The argument rages on.

Meanwhile Toronto now get to play the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Conference finals, after beating Philadelphia 4-3 in the best-of-seven series.

The Golden State Warriors face the Portland Trail Blazers on the other side of the playoff bracket.