A-League Fan Evicted From Game Allegedly For Taking Disabled Daughter To Toilet

Sydney FC beat Melbourne Victory 6-1 to make the A-League grand final against Perth Glory, but few people are talking about that.

The main talking point from Sunday night's A-League preliminary final was the eviction of a man after an incident with security. According to the man it was over him taking his disabled daughter to the nearest bathroom.

Vision shows security staff and NSW police surrounding the man at the match between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory at Jubilee Stadium in Sydney's inner south,

The man and his family are later escorted out of the venue by at least 10 police.

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One Sydney FC fan said the man had been trying to get through a gate that had been open all season.

"There were 10 cops to throw out a father and his 3 daughters out of the football. What an absolute joke," Sydney FC fan John Miles-Craig said on Twitter.

Police appear to have been responding to an argument the man had with security after he tried to take his daughter to the disabled toilets.

“They won’t let me take my daughter through. That’s what this is all about," the man can be heard explaining to police, in one video on social media.

A NSW Police spokesperson told media the incident occurred due to the refusal of the patron to co-operate with requests around "seating protocols".

“Despite repeated requests by security, the man was unwilling to cooperate, and after further refusal was escorted from the stadium with his family," police said

Football Federation Australia board member Joseph Carrozzi has said they plan to investigate the incident.

They're talking about the trophy. (Photo by Speed Media/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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