Little Girl Evicted From A-League Is Star Of Famous Kmart Ad

There are many questions to be answered after this incident.

10 daily can reveal that the daughter of the man evicted from the A-League on Sunday night for allegedly trying to use a disabled toilet was previously in a famous Kmart Ad.

Sydney dad Rory Carroll said he was trying to take his daughter Mia to the nearest disabled toilet in Sunday night's preliminary final between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory at Jubilee Oval in Sydney's south when security stopped him.

Police then stepped in, escorting the family from the ground.

Carroll, a dedicated football fan, expressed his anger and dismay at the situation on Twitter.

"I was pumped for the game tonight," he wrote.

"My daughter had not stopped talking about it and got dressed in her SFC gear after she finished her game this morning. Unfortunately, that's not how our night ended. I had to console crying girls and had to put up with multiple police cars monitoring our movement as we exited the stadium.

"Myself and my family were surrounded by a phalanx of armed police, with officers holding their hand to gun holsters. I know that some of those police officers did not wake up this morning expecting to be coming down so hard on 10 yr old troublemakers, but absurdly here we are."

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Rory's daughter Mia is no ordinary little girl. The 10-year-old has Down Syndrome, and as Rory told us in a story we wrote last November, she's a "trier who goes to a normal school, plays soccer in a normal team, does dancing, sings in a kids' choir -- and has to work three times as hard, but she's always got a smile".

She was also the star of a ground-breaking Kmart ad which famously aimed to normalise kids with disability.

Football Federation Australia board member Joseph Carrozzi has said they plan to investigate the eviction incident, while NSW Police have told media that the incident occurred due to the refusal of the patron to co-operate with requests around "seating protocols".

"Despite repeated requests by security, the man was unwilling to cooperate, and after further refusal was escorted from the stadium with his family," police said.