This 'No-Look Fake Smash Tweener' Was Only This Week's Second Craziest Tennis Shot

Tennis, you are evolving, and you are doing it in a beautiful way.

This game was once all about forehands and backhands with an occasional volley and smash thrown in.

Not anymore. Now tennis is a circus. A good circus with no elephants but all the awesome acrobatic tricks.

Feast your senses upon world number 51 Pablo Cuervas, as he conjures a shot that almost defies description in the final of this week's Estoril Open -- which for the record he lost 3-6 6-7 to young Greek sensation Stefanos Tsitsipas.

We say the shot "almost" defies description because there is, it appears, a description for this Cuervas shot.

Yes, people are calling it the "fake smash no-look tweener", so named because the Uruguayan actually pretends to smash, doesn't, then hits a delicate little drop-shot between his legs without so much as glancing at the ball.


But the week got nuttier. In the Madrid Open, veteran Frenchman Gael Monfils showed he ain't just hangin' round the ATP Tour for a pension.

No, he's there to do unbelievably cool stuff like this.

Now this one is a lot harder to describe. But it's clearly some sort of spinning off-balance jump-shot down-the-line winner kind of deal.

But who cares what it's called. It was athletic and imaginative and thoroughly magnificent. And Monfils won the match, too, disposing of Marton Fucsovics in three sets and advancing to the round of 16, where he'll now meet Roger Federer.

Which isn't really fair. But who said life is?