The Football Dive Is So Blatant It's Both Funny And Depressing

There are actual Olympic divers who do not dive this well.

Seriously, if you wanted to parody a football player writhing in agony on the ground to make the ref falsely penalise an opponent, then you'd do exactly as Under-17 Czech player Jan Hellebrand did here in his team's 1-1 draw with Ireland.

To be so cynical, so young. You really do just just shake your head and fear for the future.

Hellebrand was barely touched, if indeed he made contact at all with Ireland player Festy Ebosele. But he fell to the ground as if shot, then rolled around like the grass was a carpet of cactuses.

To make matters a whole lot worse, the fakery worked. Ebosele had earlier been given a yellow card, and earned another for this alleged touch. Two yellows of course mean red.

Yep, he was sent off. And kicked water bottles as he left, making his feelings perfectly clear to all.

"Their defender has cheated the referee and cheated the game," Ireland boss Colin O'Brien said.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.