Look Carefully. What's Wrong With This Nick Kyrgios Picture?

Nick Kyrgios lost his first round match in the Madrid Open overnight, but that's not the main story.

For the record, the Aussie world number 34 went down to Germany’s world number 48-ranked Jan-Lennard Struff 7-6 6-4, but as mentioned, the result is not really the main thing to take from this.

Kyrgios served underarm at one point in the match, which the Spanish crowd hated because it reminded them of when he did it successfully in beating their hero Rafael Nadal back in February. But nope, that's not the key part of the story either.

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He had a bit of a blow-up and smashed a racquet, and while that's not the main story (because hey, it was a Nick Kyrgios match, what do you expect?) we are now getting very close.

Yes, the real story is that Nick Kyrgios only brought two tennis racquets to the match, and he brought them in a hip looking backpack.

Think about it. Tennis players normally carry large sports bags onto the court, bulging with all sorts of gear and numerous racquets.

Kyrgios brought just two hittin' sticks to the court in Madrid, which was highly unusual -- not least because of his propensity to send at least one racquet to tennis heaven through a deliberate act of brutality rather than mishap.

But Kyrgios is known for his disdain for clay courts. Recently, video emerged of him saying "I can’t believe I’m hitting on this surface... shouldn’t even be a surface... Stop the whole clay court season, make it grass".

The Aussie's lack of tennis gear may well have been a subtle statement further expressing his disdain for clay.

Either way, the Aussie is now out of the Madrid Open, and 23,000 Euros richer for his hour's entertainment. And the 24-year-old is, if nothing else, entertaining. Just ask him.