An AFL Superstar Delivered A Two-Headed Cow Before A Match. No Bull.

This really happened. Tom Hawkins, the 198 cm Geelong Cats dual-premiership winner, once had the weirdest morning before a match.

Hawkins, 30, has lived on farms for much of his life. He was chief chook-feeder in his childhood on the family farm in Finley in the NSW Riverina, and today lives on a farm just outside Geelong with his young family.

It's a working cattle property -- not just a hobby farm -- and Hawkins has farm duties to perform most days in between his football training and other duties.

Even on game day, there are often things to do. Like the recent day when the man they call "Tomahawk" was called into action to help a cow give birth.

Hawkins related the story to reporter Nick Butler this week on Network 10's Wednesday night sports show 'Sports Tonight'.

"I'd never actually delivered a calf. So when one of the cows was having trouble calving, I had to bring her into the yards," he said.

"I had to FaceTime Dad because I'd never pulled a calf before. I had seen Dad do it, but that was 20 years ago. YouTube is handy, but it wasn't all that handy that day.

"It took me about an hour, it was a good warm-up for the game. Then the calf came out it and it actually had two heads."

Wait, what?

"It was nothing to do with my breeding program," Hawkins assured viewers. "It does happen every now and again."

Cat delivers cow.

And he's right. It's not unknown. The condition of having multiple heads is called "polycephaly", and without getting too technical, such animals are formed the same way that human conjoined twins form.

Unfortunately they usually die straight away, as was the case with Hawkins' calf.

"It was an interesting tale to head into the football club and tell some of my teammates on game day," Hawkins said.

No kidding. We just hope the game wasn't a double-header.

You can watch this week's episode of Sports Tonight, which includes our full feature on Tom Hawkins, here.