Reward Offered After Time Bandits Steal Big Ben Marathon Costume

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

English thieves have timed their getaway to perfection, making off with the cardboard Big Ben costume that made global headlines after the London Marathon this week.

You'll recall that runner Lukas Bates had a tough time crossing the finishing line in his outfit earlier this week.

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Yes, time momentarily stood still as he clocked himself on the barrier above the finishing line, before helpers chimed in.

Photo: Getty

After the race, Bates went for a well-earned pint at London pub The Old Shades in Westminster -- the suburb where the "real" Big Ben is located.

Clearly, he left no lock on his mock clock frock, and footage reportedly from one of the pub's CCTV cameras appears to show a group of people making off with the oversized timepiece.

Which is proof that time waits for no man.

On learning of the heist, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan offered a £1000 reward, to be donated to the UK Alzheimer's Society -- the charity for which Bates raised almost £5000 with his run.

The thieves are yet to be caught red-handed, or even big-handed or little-handed.