Australia's Top 20 Participation Sports Have A Surprise Number 1

The stats don't lie.

Yes, the good old-fashioned stroll has ambled its way to the top of the list of sports or physical activities in which the greatest number of Australians participate.

The full list from the annual AusPlay survey conducted by Sport Australia is below, and walking is the top physical activity, followed by fitness/gym, with swimming third.

The good news is that overall participation is up -- with 63 percent of Australians participating in sport or physical activity at least three times per week in 2018, compared to 59.9 percent in 2016.

"The positive news in this data is that it shows Australians are making the effort to get moving because they are becoming more aware of the importance of sport and physical activity to their health and wellbeing," Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer said.

"Our general lifestyles are becoming more sedentary than ever before because of things such as technological advances, so that makes it critically important to find dedicated time for sport and physical activity in our lives.

"We need to move more and our lives depend on it. It is estimated physical inactivity now contributes to the deaths of 16,000 Australians every year. That’s shocking, it’s almost 14 times the national road toll."

As you might expect, football (soccer) is the highest team sport on the list. Australian Rules Football came in at number 12.

And you wondered why the Socceroos struggle on the world stage. TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/GettyImages)

10 daily contacted Sport Australia to see where rugby union and league came in, as we couldn't see either on the list -- although touch footy bobbed up at number 19.

They told us that league came in at number 22 and union at number 33.

The full list:

1. Walking (Recreational) 8,783,064 2. Fitness/Gym 6,874,541 3. Swimming 4,505,531 4. Running/Athletics 3,334,693 5. Cycling 2,359,660 6. Football 1,767,288 7. Tennis 1,202,011 8. Bush walking 1,189,493 9. Basketball 1,017,968 10. Golf 1,015,150 11. Yoga 984,362 12. Australian Football 913,668 13. Netball 901,903 14. Cricket 798,618 15. Dancing (recreational) 688,293 16. Pilates 585,706 17. Surfing 508,015 18. Gymnastics 489,058 19. Touch football 464,721 20. Martial arts 316,826

Sport Australia has launched a website called FindYour30 to motivate every Australian adult to find 30 minutes of physical activity a day. It contains great tips for getting more active and it's here.