Time Stands Still As Big Ben Gets Stuck On Marathon Finish Line

The clock struck one, as Big Ben had a big bang on the finish line of the London Marathon.

Lukas Bates, a keen marathon runner from Kent, was trying to break the record for fastest marathon time dressed as a landmark. As you do.

He failed. Bates needed to run three hours and 34 minutes, but could not make up enough time, finishing in three hours and 54 minutes.

His cause wasn't helped by an awkward moment at the end of the grueling 42.195 km event, as he was unable to squeeze under the finish line arch.

Fortunately, a race official chimed in with a big hand, as did another runner with a little hand.

And eventually, he got through without having too much of a bad time.

The clock struck one, the marathon runner ran down. (Pic-kery dickory dock by John Patrick Fletcher/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Because this is Britain in 2019, Someone made the inevitable Brexit-related joke.

And in the end nobody got hurt. Or if they did, it won't last long because time heals all wounds.

Oh, and for those wondering how to pronounce the word "marathon" in the correct Australian manner, we offer this poll as a helpful guide.