Who Wins A Football Match Between 100 Kids And Three Pros?

It's chaos.

Footage of three Japanese footballers taking on 100 kids has resurfaced online.

The video is from January last year and shows J-League players Hotaru Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Kiyotake and Yosuke Ideguch playing against their young fans.

Image: Kyokugen

The game starts with the kids standing in rows (we're thinking in a 20-30-20) formation).

The players barely let the kids get a touch, and make their way down the pitch through the now chaotic clump of children following the ball.

The best part, though, is when the camera zooms out to show a dozen kids standing in the goal all in keeper gear.

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Image: Kyokugen

But the defensive wall is all for naught, as the players use their unfair height advantage to header the ball into the goal.

This is hardly the first time pro players have dazzled kids with their million dollar skills.

Image: Kyokugen

During a 2011 tour of China, Real Madrid also took on 100 kids, and the Galacticos did not take it easy on their young fans.

Players were sliding in on tackles, shots were blocked and innocent children were nutmegged.

There was also the time when Dutch legend Robin van Persie destroyed a group of kids at his annual football tournament in 2013.

Our ankles hurt for those poor kids just watching van Persie freestyle the ball around them.

In August last year, James Corden brought in 100 kids to play against Manchester United for the 'The Late Late Show'.

Despite having the comedian on their side, the kids were no match for the English side.

So we get it. You're really good at football, but would someone please think of the children?