How Did He Do That? Petrified Batsman Hits Six With One Hand

The Indian Premier League has given us some incredible highlights this season.

And a few lowlights too, with Aussie batsman Ashton Turner racking up three consecutive golden ducks.

But let's dwell on the positives. And overnight, South African batsman AB De Villiers pulled off one of the all-time cricket jaw-droppers for Royal Challengers Bangalore against Kings Punjab XI.

HOW DID HE DO THAT? How did he actually hit a six that made it all the way to the roof while:

a) taking evasive action from a dangerously high full toss, and;

b) not actually looking at the ball, and;

c) doing it with ONE HAND!

That's right, De Villiers was pretty much just hanging his bat out as protection when he sent the ball en route to the corrugated iron, in the manner of a man swatting a wasp while simultaneously trying to not to be stung.

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The veteran South African finished 82 not out alongside World Cup-bound Aussie Marcus Stoinis, as Royal Challengers Bangalore racked up a winning total of 4/202.

Despite the victory, they're still second-last on the IPL ladder. But at least they're one spot ahead of Steve Smith's Rajasthan Royals. The table is here.