Heroic Nick Kyrgios Pushes Random Woman's Car All The Way Home

If you're still not a Nick Kyrgios fan, this will surely help.

Anzac Day. Canberra.

Nick Kyrgios, the world number 35-ranked tennis player, is enjoying a break from his hectic travel schedule in his home town, when drama strikes on the quiet streets of the nation's capital.

Driving home from a practise session, Kyrgios sees two people pushing a woman's broken-down car.

We do not know the identity of the car's owner, but one of the people pushing is Canberra lawyer Harriet Philip.

Harriet, it seems has lost $15 playing Anzac Day two-up at well-known drinking establishment The Old Canberra Inn, before stopping to help a stranger as she walked home.

Pushing alongside her is her friend Evan. He has also imbibed a few, and the two are struggling.

It's a long push. The car is heavy. But fear not, help is on its way.

Kyrgios cruises by, in what Harriet Philip describes as "a car that looks like something Batman would own -- all sleek and black". He asks if they need a hand.

Do they ever.

The pushing duo is now a pushing trio. And with the same arms that have pulverised a thousand tennis racquets -- and an increasing number of tennis opponents -- Kyrgios makes the job go swiftly.

When the work is done, Kyrgios poses for a selfie. He's worried that he doesn't look his best, but no one cares. He has shown, again, that inside he is made of gold.

And then he speeds off in the sleek Kyrgiosmobile, off to help the next damsel in distress, or play the next tennis tournament, or indulge in the next all-night session of video-gaming and NBA-watching. Or whatever it is Nick Kyrgios does.

These are the facts, as recounted to 10 daily by Harriet's partner Simon Anderson.

Game, set and match, Mr Kyrgios.