Football Commentator From Viral Video Flips Joke Back On Male Co-Hosts

After falling victim to some clumsy television choreography, female sports host Kelly Cates turned the tables -- and her back -- on her male colleagues.

Earlier this month Sky Sports host Cates was chatting with Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher ahead of a Premier League match.

Part of their match analysis segment raised some eyebrows when, after she asked the pair a question, the men turned their backs and walked off, leaving Cates standing awkwardly in their wake.

The gaffe was later put down simply to awkward planning on the part of the show's production, but not before the internet slammed what appeared to be a snub against Cates.

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But on Tuesday, she got her own chance to "snub" her co-hosts back, as they discussed the upcoming derby between Manchester City and Manchester United.

After the men asked her a question, Cates turns on her heel and walks off, giving her answer down the barrel of the camera as she smiled widely -- leaving the men behind to watch on from a distance.

The presenter posted the clip on Twitter with the caption "Looking forward to this", with Neville and Carragher also sharing the video.

The entire segment was in good spirits, picking up where everyone was left in a rather awkward spot following the original incident.

Cates had quickly stepped in to clear up the confusion at the time, reassuring fans the segment was planned so Neville and Carragher could make their way to a nearby interview without walking in silence.

"They were going to interview Hasenhuttl in the tunnel! Would have looked weird if they didn’t have anything to say I the way there," she wrote on Twitter.

By poor design or not, the moment went viral as a classic on-air stumble.