Wow! Man Shoots Mammoth Baskets Supported By Two Elephants

Elephants and basketball. Together at last.

Acrobat Rene Casselly is causing a mammoth storm on social media with his incredible elephant basketball tricks.

Yes, "basketball" and "elephant" are two words we never thought we'd see together in a sentence either.

But this is real. Casselly is a circus performer with Hungary's national circus, and if white men can't jump, he's proof that they certainly can reach great heights with a pachyderm springboard.

We're not sure if this is ethical. Animal activists maintain that using wild animals for human entertainment is not on.

Regardless of whether or not you approve, you have to admit that Casselly really dials it in with the assistance of these gentle African giants -- in fact you'd have to call it a trunk call.

Ears to you, mate.