TV Host Denies Farting His Way Through NBA Playoff Segment

An ESPN presenter has clearly forgotten that cameras and the Internet exist because he's just fluffed through six minutes of live television and then tried to deny it.

But, Max Kellerman, you've been caught red-handed.

One particular ESPN viewer tuned into "First Take" on Monday expecting to be hit with some good quality banter about the NBA playoff series, but it seems he got far more entertainment than he bargained for.

He witnessed the co-host -- who was seemingly unaware of the microphones surrounding him -- drop a whole heap of hot air while simultaneously unleashing a loud cough.

Realising Kellerman may have encountered a tickle that wasn't in his throat, the perceptive viewer posted the video on Reddit with the caption: Max Kellerman tries to cover up a fart with an awkward cough.

Footage has since made its way to Twitter and headlines around the world.

But guess what? It wasn't the only time the mics caught a fart.

While Kellerman was having a heated discussion with Stephen A. Smith about Kevin Durant's ejection in Game One of the Warriors playoff against the Clippers, he -- according to viewers -- let it rip seven times.

Seven. On live television.

For anyone with too much time on their hands, the bum burps can be heard here at the 3:06, 4:46, 5:08, 5:11, 5:27, 5:37 and 5:50 marks.

Did Kellerman take the blame? Certainly not.

“Right before I got off the set I saw this, right before the last commercial break, and I tried to listen for it and I couldn’t hear it,” he said, according to the New York Post.

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“Even just now when you played it, I couldn’t hear it. But let’s say there was that noise, I don’t know who dealt it. It wasn’t me, that’s all I can tell you,” he continued.

We're still trying to get to the bottom of it.