Betcha Can't Guess Which Exciting New Sporting League These Athletes Represent

For the second time this year, one sport is sticking it to the others.

We speak of course of hockey, which this week announced its new Hockey One league -- with seven teams from each of the capital cities around Australia except Darwin.

You might recall that earlier this year we told you about the Pro League. That's the new international competition which features the world's best hockey nations, which runs throughout the year

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Hockey One will be more of a Big Bash-style league for domestic men's and women's teams, with an abbreviated season running through September, October and November. All matches will be streamed on Kayo Sports, while the finals will be televised on Fox Sports.

A few major fan-friendly tweaks to the rules of hockey are also in the pipeline, although details of these have not yet been announced.

"This is a significant and exciting announcement for hockey in Australia as we strive to put fans first and showcase everything that is great about our game with this ambitious new league, Hockey One," Hockey Australia chief executive Matt Favier said.

The teams in the new comp (and what the heck, our opinions of them) are:

  • Adelaide Fire (meh)
  • The Canberra Chill (love that name, about time someone referenced Canberra's sub-Antarctic climate in a team name.)
  • Brisbane Blaze (too much like the Fire. What's with all this combustion?)
  • HC Melbourne (Sounds Soccerish and kinda cool. We don't totally hate it.)
  • NSW Pride (NSW is rarely as parochial as other states. Good name.)
  • Perth Thundersticks (what even IS a thunderstick?)
  • Tassie Tigers (Alliterative and a thylacine reference. Sure, why not?)

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