The Wobbly Last Minute Kick That Destroyed A Million Hearts

Poor old Carlton. The wooden spooners looked like they'd have their first win since July 2018. Nope.

Carlton led the Gold Coast Suns in Sunday's match for most of the afternoon. But about 15 seconds from the end, disaster for the Blues.

With the Blues up by four points and with just 15 seconds remaining, the ball somehow spilled into the hands of 21-year-old Queensland product Jack Bowes, who snapped truly over his shoulder.

The ball dribbled. It wobbled. But it deviated not from its course, bouncing truly through the big sticks to break every Carlton fan and player's heart.

The Blues have now lost the first four matches of season 2019 and indeed are the only winless team. Their last win was in July last year -- ironically against the Suns in a season in which they won just two games.

It looked like they'd grabbed their first points of 2019 yesterday. It really did. This was especially the case when the Suns started doing silly stuff like this;

But no. Somehow, Carlton blew it.

And so, one of the grand traditional clubs of the AFL remains a byword for incompetence. And coach Brendon Bolton -- who has now lost 55 of his 70 games with the Blues -- should probably start polishing up his resumé.