Please Watch This Baseball Star's Phenomenal Catch Fail

In his defence, if Marcell Ozuna pulled off this catch, he would have won the Major League Baseball season right then and there.

It was an eighth-inning fly ball and by god did Ozuna look like he had it.

Sprinting towards the fence, Ozuna jumps, scaling the wall as the ball looks to be hurtling towards him.

But just as he reaches the top of the fence and stretches his arm out, it's evident the ball is going to fall much, much too short.

Ozuna topples off the wall, practically face-planting onto the dirt as the ball falls next to him on the warning track... not even, really, very close to the back fence.

Marcell Ozuna #23 as he attempts to catch the fly ball in the eighth inning at Busch Stadium. Image: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

His St Louis Cardinals teammates rush over to help the left fielder, who remained on the ground with his arms covering his face.

After ensuring he was not too hurt and helping him dust off his uniform, the left fielder's teammates dissolve into giggles.

Footage later captured him appearing to try and recreate what he was thinking to his teammates who embrace him through fits of laughter.

And while the Cardinals' brushed the hilarious blunder off, later taking out the game 4-nil against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the internet, as always, was not as forgiving.

"I don't think that went as planned for Marcell Ozuna," one user tweeted alongside photos of the dramatic face-plant.

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Others likened his quick scale to parkour, even Spider-Man, but many admitted that, for what it was worth, at least he had tried.

Ozuna claimed his first Golden Glove Award just two years ago, the annual award for outstanding fielding in Major League Baseball, an ironic fact that did not escape commentators.

Love it or hate it, as far as the internet is concerned, this play will be in the all-time greatest baseball blooper reels for the rest of time.

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