This Retro '80s Beauty Is Australia's 2019 World Cup Strip. Bonza!

We're not sure if they've done it on a budget, but they've definitely done it on a budgie.

Yes, Australia will take the field in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup in England next month dressed as budgerigars.

A very near replica of the famous retro strip from the World Series Cricket seasons of 1981-84 has been created, and doesn't Glenn Maxwell look magnificent in all his weird photoshopped glory.

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You might recall that in February, the new, friendly Cricket Australia -- which totally abhors both ball tampering and modern fashion -- decided to let fans decide which retro uniform our lads wear next summer.

These were the choices.

We say again: These were supposed to be the choices for NEXT SUMMER. There was no mention of the World Cup uniform.

But it appears they've taken one of the above classic kits for the World Cup -- or as mentioned, a very close replica of it -- and we speak of the delightful outfit in the bottom left, which is from the glorious days of 1981-84.

Yes, they actually used to use red balls for One Dayers. Well spotted, if you noticed. (Photo Murrell/ Allsport/Getty Images)

Here's hoping we play a bit better than our One Day team did then. Australia won its first World Cup in 1987, and has won another four since.

But in the early '80s, our form was a bit hit and miss, and the "budgie" description of the uniforms wasn't exactly a compliment.