The Two Most Mysterious Tattoos In Australian Sport

Why? Why does Tom Liberatore have a famous 'Simpsons' sequence tattooed on his arms?

We don't know, fans don't know, and if the Western Bulldogs know, they're not letting on.

"He's a bit coy about going into it publicly, so I think we're best to leave the mystique about them," a club spokesperson told 10 daily.

There is indeed great mystique as to why the gun midfielder has Homer on one gun, and a nerdy fast food worker on the other.

This we do know: That the two tats clearly refer to a scene from episode 1 of series 10 of 'The Simpsons' -- entitled "Lard of the Dance".

The "My god you're greasy" catchphrase from the scene where Homer accosts a fast food worker in search of grease, which he hopes to sell, has become a bit of a thing.

How does this relate to young Libba?

Not sure.

Should we stop calling him "young Libba" given that the son of 1990 Brownlow Medallist Tony Liberatore is now 26 years old and a highly-credentialled premiership-winning player in his own right?


So why 'The Simpsons' thing on his arms again?

Still not sure, sorry. Not much has changed in the last couple of paragraphs.

We just thought we'd bring this excellent arm artwork to the attention of those of you who had previously not seen it.

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What we can say with great certainty is that the Bulldogs blew a perfect chance to be one of just three unbeaten AFL teams in season 2019, after a narrow lost to the Gold Coast Suns on the weekend.

After beating the Sydney Swans and Hawthorn to start the season, this was a result few saw coming. That AFL ladder? My god it's greasy.