Male Commentators Appear To Snub Female Host In Awkward Live TV Moment

A female sports presenter has stepped in to explain why two male colleagues appeared to snub her in what seems to be a clumsy moment of live television. 

Sky Sports host Kelly Cates was chatting with Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher ahead of a Premier League match between Liverpool and Southhampton when things took a bizarre turn.

Cates asked the pair about the significance of a previous win for Southhampton, before they quickly turned their backs on her as Neville started to answer the question.

The camera follows as the two men walk off and continue the conversation, while Cates is visible at the back of the frame standing awkwardly on her own.

The bizarre moment sent social media into overdrive. Many viewers called out the apparent snub as rude and disrespectful, while others were left simply confused.

Cates later stepped in to offer some much-needed clarification, explaining the segment was planned and that Neville and Carragher were walking off to interview Southhampton boss Ralph Hasenhüttl.

"There were going to interview Hasenhüttlin the tunnel! Would have looked weird if they didn't have anything to say on the way there," she wrote on Twitter.

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She joined in with those who saw the lighter side of the exchange -- a rather clumsy piece of choreography from the producers.

"It looks like a video game when it runs into a bug and the NPCs just talk while walking away from each other," one person said on Twitter.

"One of those things that feels ordinary at the time and looks odd AF in hindsight," she added in a separate tweet.

Ah, the wonders of hindsight.

Featured image: Twitter via Sky Sports