Footy Player Breaks Down Then Calls Mum As His Dream Comes True

This video of Cronulla Sharks young gun Bronson Xerri being told he'll make his NRL debut is breaking the internet.

And so it should be.

You've got this terrific, likeable strapping 18-year-old centre breaking down in tears as coach John Morris gives him the good news, and it's all terribly human and real and lovely.

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But our favourite bit is not the moment Xerri breaks down in tears of joy, though we obviously love that.

Nor is it the kind, heartfelt words from coach Morris -- who at 38 is currently the NRL's youngest coach -- when he says:

“The thing for me is the boys believe in you. They want you out on the field with them. We’re just so proud of you. You’ve come right through our juniors, now this is what it’s all about."

No, our favourite bit is the moment Xerri calls his mum. There are more tears and it's all very emotional, but it gets truly hilarious when Mum does what mums do, and issues a very motherly warning.

"Drive home slow, take it easy," she says. "It’s school zones."

As in, it's mid-afternoon and you have to drive 40 near schools.

As in, oh my god, you've just realised a lifetime dream and although I am overjoyed on your behalf and proud as hell, I will nonetheless do my motherly duty and remind you of speed limits.

Because being a mum is a job that never stops.

He's Xerri ripe to go. Image: Cronulla Sharks media.

Xerri will make his debut against the Eels on Saturday night at ANZ Stadium wearing the number three on his back, opposite gun Parramatta centre Michael Jennings.

Both teams have started the season with a 2-1 record, and none of the players from either team have been booked for speeding in a school zone in 2019, as far as we know.

The full video is here at the Sharks website.