This Majestic Beer Pyramid Is The Sports Fun Aussie Fans Are Tragically Denied

God bless America, a land the fun police have not yet taken over.

You could never do this in Australia. You'd be marched out of the venue and probably face a $5,000 fine.

We reckon these baseball fans at the Chicago Cubs vs Atlanta Braves game should have been PAID $5,000 because this is genius.

Well, this State of "Libeerty" was almost genius.

The planned 45-can pyramid tragically only made it to 44 before gravity and possibly some shonky base-layer can placements brought the whole shaky edifice down.

And didn't Red Cap Guy hate it too. We've seen pitchers give away World Series-winning home runs who were less disappointed.

To make matters worse, Red Cap Guy is a Cubs supporter and his team lost 8-0.

The good news? If he drank even a small proportion of those cans, he probably won't remember.