Donuts, Wine, Pants On Backwards: Wife's Hilarious Tribute To Retiring Footy Star

There's a sombre note to the retirement of Western Bulldogs player Liam Picken, a man considered the heart and soul of his club.

Obviously, that serious side is his ongoing concussion issues.

"I've tried everything and tried to get back and play, but unfortunately I just didn't make it," Picken, 32, said yesterday.

"It's really knocked me around. The concussions just continue to linger and unfortunately it's still hanging around now," he added.

Picken in May last year, before concussions ended his career.

But there's also an emotional side to the farewell of this much-loved champ.

The 2016 premiership-winner delivered a stirring message to teammates this week, announcing the news most footy people suspected was coming.

The emotional tone continued, with a large dollop of humour, in a Twitter thread from Picken's wife Annie Nolan, which celebrated everything that was fantastic about her husband.

Nolan, a well-known blogger, used her trademark sassy tone to great effect. This is the best. Enjoy.

Family, footy, fashion faux pas. This thread had everything.

If you click on one of these clips, make it this one.

Picken delivered the ball out of defence and was there on the forward line to deliver the goal assist. He literally ran the entire diagonal length of the field to help with one play. That's easily 200 metres. Because #TeamPlayer.

Two players fight while their wives drink wine. The world turns.

Aaaaand here's the Wikipedia entry on the name Malachy, an appellation with which the 10 daily sports desk was previously unfamiliar.

As mentioned, ultimately Picken's health concerns terminated his career early. He was stretchered off in his final game, not carried off on his teammates' shoulders as he deserved to be.

Nolan also posted this rather adorable family snapshot on Insta. Do we love her strange frilly doggie shirt, or the kids' coloured hair, or the overall happy family vibe the best? Not sure. Call it a tie. All of the above.