The Hopman Cup Is Cancelled And Women's Tennis Fans Are Upset

After 31 years, the Hopman Cup is officially dead.

The Perth tournament was the kickstarter for the tennis season, a chance for players to shake off the pre-season cobwebs with a bit of competitive fun.

The Hopman Cup featured mixed gender teams representing their countries, with mixed doubles matches as part of the fun. Just this year, the event gave us the matchup the world had been waiting for, when arguably the greatest players ever Serena Williams and Roger Federer, finally met on court.

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That match also gave us the sport selfie of the year.

But we will never get a moment like this again, because the tournament has been replaced by the ATP Cup -- a men's-only event, excluding women.

The ATP Cup -- which will be shared across Sydney, Brisbane and Perth -- was awarded to Australia earlier this year. Now, after months of speculation, the Hopman Cup has been scrapped to make way for the new competition, leaving female players and fans out in the cold.

The ATP Cup still features teams representing their countries, but Perth tennis fans will no longer have a chance to watch the female stars of the sport.

And people are not happy.

Speaking to the ABC, former Australian tennis great and founder of the Hopman Cup, Paul McNamee, said while there was "sadness" the Hopman Cup tournament would no longer be in Perth, there was always the possibility of it being played elsewhere.

"(It was) a wonderful event that was embraced by Perth," he said.

"Nothing could've been embraced by the people of the city more than Hopman Cup in Perth, so my immediate feeling is sadness that it's not going to be there anymore, and concern about where the Hopman Cup may be in the future."

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But the tennis fans of Perth might be waiting a while to see their female heroes in action again.