The Funniest Cricket-Themed Responses To Brett Lee's Tony Abbott Fanboy Vid

When sportspeople play for Australia, the whole country cheers for them.

But as soon as they hang up the boots -- or more accurately stash the boots in the cupboard because who actually hangs up boots? -- they often learn that support is far from universal in the real world.

That's especially the case when they air strong political views, as cricket bowling great Brett Lee did this week in his video praising Tony Abbott -- whose 25-year stronghold on the Sydney seat of Warringah is imperilled by Independent candidate Zali Steggall.

“What he does in the community is what people need," Lee enthuses in the video while folksy guitar music plays in the background.

"You know, he stands up for the underdog. A guy that leads from the front... Tony's got class."

We're not going to share some of the nastier replies to Lee, because obviously, the bloke is more than entitled to his views. But we did think it was worth sharing some of the cleverer ones with a cricket theme.

This was one of many tweets which framed the overwhelmingly negative response to the video using cricket terminology.

This was always going to happen. It's the famous vid of former PM John Howard in Pakistan in 2005 bowling the world's worst ball -- in a clear suggestion that Lee did likewise.

Rude but we'll allow it:

Clever. We'll definitely allow it. (For those who don't know, a "pie" in cricket is a terrible ball.)

Not cricket, football. But funny. We'll allow it too.

Hahahahahahaha. We'll definitely allow this one.

A wide signal, symbolising that Lee might have fallen a little wide of the mark in his estimation of Mr Abbott.

OUCH! Cricket truth.

This person made an interesting point. Successful sportspeople often veer towards the conservative side of politics post-career, having earned big dollars for several years.

It was always coming. A reference to Brett Lee's rock band "Six and Out". Plus the obligatory reference to the close-in fielding position which can always be relied upon for a double entendre.

Finally, a reference to one of the worst balls ever bowled.

So has Lee sent down a wide here? Or is this video a perfect yorker which will help demolish Zali Steggall's stumps?

If the people on social media are any guide, Lee has put the ball in some pretty bad areas here.