Teenager Deliberately Misses Penalty And Proves Sportsmanship Isn't Dead

Beknaz Almazbekov, captain of Turkish football club Galatasaray's U14 team has reminded us that sportsmanship is alive and well.

A day after Ravi Ashwin caused a furore in the cricketing world over sportsmanship with his mankad, this 13-year-old footballer showed sport can still be played without a 'win at all costs' mentality.

While playing Istanbulspor on Tuesday, Almazbekov fell over in the penalty area without being touched.

Beknaz Almazbekov Image: Galatasaray S.K.

But the ref didn't see it that way, handing a spot kick to Galatasaray.

Instead of taking the chance to put his side two ahead, Almazbekov led by example, and kicked the ball away from the goal.

Check out the video in three different camera angles (because some countries take their youth leagues VERY seriously apparently).

He earned himself applause from the opposition, and praise from sport fans around the world.

Even England legend-turned-pundit Gary Lineker was impressed.

At a time when footballers are earning a reputation as divers (we're looking at you Neymar), at just 13-years-old Beknaz Almazbekov is hope that maybe the future is looking a bit more sure-footed.