Hilarious Wikipedia Edit After Insane NBA Buzzer Beater

Charlotte Hornets player Jeremy Lamb just pulled off the most incredible last-second play you've ever seen.

And then a Wikipedia editor followed it up with a pretty fine play of their own. Here's how this played out:

  • Lamb's Hornets were down by two points against the high-flying Toronto Raptors in Toronto. They had the ball and just four seconds to do something with it.
  • Those four seconds didn't start well. Lamb fumbled the ball and was forced to retrieve it well inside his own half.
  • With virtually nothing left on the clock, his only option was a long-range 15 metre bomb thrown off balance with no time to size up the target.
  • Bank. In it went off the backboard!
  • Hornets win 115-114. Pandemonium!

And while the chaos played out on the court, the hilarious people of the internet did their hilarious internet thing.

Yes, according to one Wiki editor, Jeremy Lamb is now "the owner of the Toronto Raptors".

This might come as news to sports and commercial real estate company Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment who are listed in most places as the Raptors' owners. But they'll just have to cope, won't they?

I own a basketball team now? Sweet! Image: Getty.

Anyway, it's true. The Raptors certainly got owned by Lamb today.

And while Jeremy Lamb will not go down as one of the all-time greats of the NBA, the Lamb definitely pulled off a play worthy of a GOAT today.