WATCH: Two Motorbike Racers Try To Flatten Each Other With Their Fists

We've all seen motorbike races, we've all seen road rage, we've all seen trick riding, we've all seen fist fights. But have we ever seen all four at once?

We have now.

This remarkable sequence of events happened in Costa Rica over the weekend -- a country known for being the only stable democracy in Central America.

But there was nothing particularly stable or democratic about the events that transpired at Costa Rica’s National Motorbike Championship recently.

Watch the video above with a mixture of awe and wonder as Marion Calvo bumps Jorge Martinez.

Martinez almost crashes, but somehow stays on his bike in the manner of a trick rider on a circus horse.

But the show is only just beginning.

His bike careens off on a diagonal trajectory across the track but miraculously takes no other rider out.

Somehow Martinez then ends up on the back of Calvo's bike, somehow they don't get run over, somehow they end up fighting, somehow they don't get run over again, and somehow no one gets hurt.

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About the only thing that pans out the way you might expect is that both riders are disqualified from the race, and both have now copped lengthy suspensions.

Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world without an army. Would you invade a country with crazy motorbike racers like this? No, we neither.