Tatts The Way A Real Fan Shows Support For Tayla Harris

It was already an iconic image that would live forever.

And now it's an image that will forever remain on the arm of Adelaide footy fan and father-of-two Blake Griffiths.

Griffiths, from the suburb of Seaford Meadows, did not intend to get a Tayla Harris tattoo when he won a competition on Adelaide radio station Mix 102.3 to have Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke tattooed on his forearm.

But isn't that the way things always go with tatts? You get one and then you just can't stop.

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So, it was that when hosts Jodie and Soda -- and we have to say this, they are very bubbly -- dared Griffiths on air to get Tayla Harris tattooed on the opposite forearm, he had no hesitation at all.

"Absolutely, that sounds like a bloody fantastic idea," he said.

"An iconic female footballer, absolutely!"

Now this local legend is walking around with two football legends on his arm, which is all very legendary, except that it's actually real.

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