Hey AFLW, We Just Designed Your New Logo. You're Welcome.

The AFLW logo is unevocative, which is a fancy way of saying it's boring and forgettable.

But don't worry, we've fixed it. And when you think about it, it's so obvious.

First, a reminder of what the the old one looks like. As you can see, it's got a "W" and a slanty goal posts motif and whatever else. It's kind of OK, but hardly as elegant or recognisable as the Nike swoosh or some of the sporting world's much-loved logos.

The new one as proposed by 10 daily? It's below. Well, the bit on the left anyway.

It's so simple. You just make a silhouetted image of Tayla Harris that forever symbolises the athleticism of the women's game.

Maybe you keep the existing AFLW logo at the bottom and maybe you don't, and maybe you keep the butter chicken orange colour, and maybe you don't.

But the main thing is the silhouette of Tayla Harris kicking.

Instantly recognisable? Check.

Better than the current logo? Check.

Inspirational? Check, check and check.

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Now, we should mention that we didn't think of this entirely by ourselves. It's not often in life you say this, but we were actually inspired by the Hawthorn footy club.

Specifically, we salute their social media team, who first posted a silhouetted image. Well played guys, you nailed it.

Your boss Jeff thinks so too.

Our simple tweak would be to get rid of the Hawthorn poo-and-wee colours, and add the letters AFLW.

So basically, something like the famous NBA logo, which famously features a silhouette of former player Jerry West, with the league's initials down the bottom.

You know this makes sense, AFLW. And hey, you're welcome.


OK, this obviously really DOES make sense to the AFLW.

Because about half an hour after we posted this story, they changed their logo on their social media accounts to something quite similar to ours.

We're not certain what prompted them to do this, or indeed whether it will be the official logo or not. But we've put in a call to find out and will let you know.