Check Out All These Other Spectacular Pics Of Tayla Harris Kicking

That pic we've all been talking about? It wasn't a one-off. Far from it.

Ahead of the AFL Women's Grand Final between the Adelaide Crows and Carlton Blues this Sunday, there are two things you should know about gun Carlton forward Tayla Harris.

The first thing is that her iconic kicking style is harder to replicate than you think, as these TV personalities demonstrate.

Australian Personalities Get Behind Tayla Harris Ahead Of AFLW Grand Final

The second is that Harris has been kicking with the most magnificent form for ages, and the incredible image below -- which stopped Australia in its tracks a week ago -- was no fluke.

Here she is in 2015, in an exhibition match playing for the Demons, back before AFLW was even a thing.

Photo: Getty Images

And (below), take a look at her floating so high, she may well have violated air space regulations while playing for the Brisbane Lions in the 2017 AFLW Grand Final.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we'll soon be commencing our descent from 30,000 feet. Photo: AFL Media/Getty Images

Here's Tayla in her Carlton days, looking ridiculously athletic as ever,

This was in a really wet match against GWS in Sydney, but a slippery surface never stopped Tayla Harris. Photo: Getty Images

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? Nah, it's Taylor Harris taking a screamer against the Kangaroos. This woman has all the skills.

And you thought only Kangaroos could bounce high. Photo: AFL Media/Getty Images

Here's another one where her foot is actually higher than her head. Don't try that at home, or at least not in a room where there's a low-hanging chandelier.

This giant kick was against the GWS Giants this year. Photo: Getty Images

Love this one. Such classic form.

Take that, Collingwood! Photo: Getty Images

You know what else is really great about Tayla Harris apart from her kicking form and her marking prowess? She's tough, that's what.

As the old Chumbawamba song goes, she gets knocked down, then she gets up again.

Grass, you just got Tayla Harrised. Photo: Getty Images

In fact, after suffering this blow in a boxing match late last year, she went on to draw the fight.

Sarah Dwyer landed a few good blows in this Australian Title Fight on November 17, 2018, but still couldn't defeat her foe. Photo: Getty Images

That's because Tayla Harris doesn't get punched. Fists get Tayla Harrised.

Just like Tayla Harris doesn't kick balls. They get Tayla Harrised too.

Around her body. Beautiful. Photo: Getty Images

And Tayla Harrising a ball is just about the most powerful thing you can do to it.