Forget Egg Boy, Treadmill Boy Is Much More Talented And Entertaining

Given the events of this week, we should probably call him "leg boy".

Then again, we could just call him Ramell Carter, which is his actual name.

Or we could call him "Ramelldo" -- which is the kid's name for himself on Instagram, in a clear nod to Brazilian footballers with the "o" suffix like Ronaldinho, who the kid says is a favourite of his.

Whatever name you give him, you've got to call this 11-year-old British lad talented.

Ramelldo can do things on a treadmill which you DEFINITELY can not do on a treadmill, and that's before the soccer ball is thrown in.

Ramelldo can do things with a soccer ball which you DEFINITELY can not do with a soccer ball, and that's before the treadmill is thrown in.

Look mum, no hands.

In short, the kid is a young genius, so much so that he is endorsed by Nike, and calls himself an "influencer".

We're not sure exactly who he's influencing, but we can only assume it's that particular breed of person who likes to combine dangerous high speed exercise equipment with ball dribbling. Hey, who DOESN'T like to combine those things? It's like cheese and burger.

This, by the way, is far from the first time Ramelldo has dazzled with his skills. His Instagram feed is littered with moments that will make you feel like a waddling aardvark with four left feet.

We love him. But if we're honest, there's also part of us that wants to tell him to go clean up his room.