Don't Start Your AFL Season Without This Appallingly Catchy Song

Last warning: You really don't have to listen to this.

OK, too late. You're here now and your ears are about to be assaulted.

Assaulted by what exactly? By a combination of extreme genius and mega-annoyance, that's what.

The GWS Giants have made a song. Well, Phil Collins actually su-su-sung the so-so-song originally, and we refer of course to "Su-Su-Sudio".

For reasons known only to them -- we asked 'em, they shrugged -- the Giants took the 1985 hit and changed the lyrics to "Coniglio". It's their clever, if slightly cringeworthy, way of poking fun at commentators and member of the footy-loving public who just can't pronounce Stephen "Coniglio" properly.

If you're not across the correct way to pronounce the surname of this 25-year-old midfielder with Italian heritage, it's basically a silent "G". (In Italian, a "G" before the letters "li" is always silent.)

So basically, Stephen Coniglio's surname should be pronounced "Co-nee-lio. Okay, it's not quite that straightforward. And the helpful folk at the Giants have found a way to tell us that, with a song that will now be stuck in your head for the next two weeks.

For the last time, don't say we didn't warn you. The Giants' Twitter feed says it all. See that hashtag? Yeah, #Sorrynotsorry indeed.

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