Monday Footy Fix: 'C-Word' Strikes Again In AFLW Farce

Ladders are supposed to be something you can climb. But not the AFL Women's ladder.

A month ago today, we told you that this was going to end badly. And it has. The AFL Women's ladder is a joke.

Before this season, with two new teams coming into the comp, AFL Women's administrators had the genius/lightbulb/brainfart idea of snapping the new 10-team competition into two conferences.

So there'd be two groups of five, each with their own mini-ladder, and the top two in each conference would then play finals.

Know what happened next?

AFLW administrators have gotten themselves in a hopeless tangle. Image: Getty.

Look closely at the ladder below. Yes, the four teams with the best records are all in Conference A.

That means that the Kangaroos and Demons miss out, despite boasting the third and fourth best records in the entire league. Meanwhile Carlton and Geelong play finals, despite their inferior records. There's a word for this sort of situation. "Unfair" is one. "Farcical" is another.


The biggest irony is that the two new teams this year were Geelong and North Melbourne. The Kangaroos won five games -- no finals for them because they're in the strong conference. The Cats won just three -- and as mentioned, they're playing finals because they're in the weak conference.


Speaking of unusual ladders, check out the NRL's after round one.

You've gotta love the way the Warriors are on top after they threw the gates open to all as a gesture after the Christchurch tragedy. We also love the top three with the Raiders and Tigers. Call us crazy, but we have a feeling it would all look a little different by the end of the season.


In other NRL news, Andrew Johns has opened up on the Fox Sports show 'Sunday night With Matty Johns' about his battle with bipolar disorder, and about how he has been suffering regular seizures for the last two years. So regular are the seizures, he's even been forced to give up his driving licence.


Over in the A-League, another Kiwi team had a win. Wellington Phoenix moved into fourth after beating Western Sydney Wanderers 3-1. Meanwhile Sydney FC had an unexpected loss to Melbourne City at home.


The A-League finals start in the first week of May. Safe to say the teams with the best records will be there and the dud ones won't. You listening, AFLW administrators?


Four more sleeps...