Nightmare Start For Daniel Ricciardo With Car Damaged At Start Of Grand Prix

Aussie F1 star Daniel Ricciardo ran into disaster within seconds of the Grand Prix starting in Melbourne, losing part of his front wing as he was squeezed off the track.

In his first race for Renault, Ricciardo attempted to surge past Racing Point's Sergio Perez but suffered damage to the front of his car, sending him veering off the track early in the first lap.

It was a difficult start to the race with F1's Mark Webber calling it a "huge blow" for the 29-year-old.

Coming off the grass, Ricciardo had lost part of the front wing of his car, forcing him to head to the pits after the first lap, slipping into 19th place after starting in 12th.

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"It wasn’t really a touch and it was only just off the road, but it’s literally ripped his front wing off,” Sky's Martin Brundle said after admitting Ricciardo would be "a little shocked" by the nightmare of a start to the race.

His team tried to be optimistic about it all.

Not long after, Carlos Saint's time in the race came to an end after his engine burst into flames, forcing him to become the first retirement.

Ricciardo later had to retire from the race, saying he was "gutted" by the result.

Featured image: Getty Images.