Boy Who Dubbed 'Daniel Avocado' Meets His Idol And Gives Him A Green Gift

Racing enthusiast Louis Pope, 5, doesn’t quite understand how famous he has become. 

When 10 News First asked him who he'll be cheering for at the Formula One,  Louis and his family weren’t prepared for the internet sensation the exchange would become.

“Who’s your favourite driver?

"Daniel Avocado.”

A social media clip of the chat went viral and ended up reaching Louis’ hero, Australian Daniel Ricciardo.

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With other drivers and his Renault colleagues taking to calling him by his new nickname, Ricciardo wanted to thank Louis in person.

The pair met inside Renault’s private hospitality suite on Friday night. As his Dad Barry watched on, an awestruck Louis clutched an avocado.

The youngster didn’t leave empty handed - with a new Renault cap adorned with Daniel Avocado’s signature.

He also had a gift to give his race track idol. An avocado of course.

The primary school student will have an exciting tale to tell his classmates on Monday, the story of what he said was the best day of his life.

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