Angry AFL Fans Are Needlessly Hammering Bulldogs 'Thor' Jumpers

Calm down, everybody. There's a strong argument that these guernseys are absolutely MARVEL-lous.

Footy fans are far impressed by the Western Bulldogs' decision to wear a Thor-inspired guernsey in their AFL round one match against the Sydney Swans at Marvel Stadium on March 23.

The guernseys were launched yesterday, and if you'll excuse the Thor pun, they got hammered.

Club legend and former Palmer United Party candidate Doug Hawkins said he "wouldn't wear it to a manure fight".

We didn't know manure fighting was a thing, but then, he's been in politics and we haven't.

One fan saw it as such a sell-out, he cleverly referenced Geelong Cats player (and current Collingwood assistant coach) Gary Hocking, who in 1999 briefly changed his name to Gary "Whiskas" in a deal with the cat food brand.

Now as it happens, there is a commercial link in this case too.

Thor is a Marvel character, the Bulldogs' home ground Marvel Stadium is so-named because of an eight-year deal with Marvel's owner's Disney, and Bulldogs vice-president Kylie Watson-Wheeler is managing director of the Walt Disney Company Australia and New Zealand.

And while some people see this as a selling-of-soul to corporate interests, there's a nice emotional softener -- in that the Aussie who plays Thor, Chris Hemsworth, is actually a massive Bulldogs fan.

This is not without precedent in Australian sport. The NRL has tried this previously, and it went down a treat.

The rival code first released some jerseys in 2015, then played back-to-back "Marvel Heroes Rounds" in 2017, and everybody loved it. The players looked cool, the universe didn't end, and lots of people even bought the themed jerseys.

Does whatever a spider rooster can... which is not much.

Best of all, the Sydney "Spider Roosters" got beaten, although we're admittedly just being unprofessional now, and making this personal.

Anyway the point is, we understand the wonderful traditions of the game of Aussie rules footy, which is why we argued strongly this week to retain the daytime grand final.

We're just not sure that one AFL team wearing one themed jumper breaks the football universe in two. And for the record, part of each guernsey sold goes to charity.